Monday, November 10, 2014


You've seen Pictorial Anatomy of the Cute. You've seen Pictorial Anatomy of 007. You've seen New Linea Alba, which is essentially a "Pictorial Anatomy of Kriota". Now you can commission your own customized Pictorial Anatomy Drawing!

Who had the honor of being the first to be immortalized in all their muscular glory? The adorable dog Pochi at Fantastic Comics, that's who!

Here's the photo I picked to work with from the Friends of Fantastic Comics Tumblr.

I made a series of sketches locating Pochi's skeleton through all that fur. Glad he had a haircut! Once I had the skeleton laid down I worked in the muscles to fit his bony frame. I had to keep a list of what was what and where.

Then I retraced the line work, colored, and voila!

Pochi approves!

Zoey is jealous.

Want to give that special someone a gift they'll never forget? Say "I love you" or "Happy Vesalius's Birthday" with an anatomized portrait! I love doing commissions. You can message me on Facebook or Kriota (at) earthlink (dot) net.

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