Sunday, May 3, 2015


You're a cartoonist. You take care of yourself to prevent drawing injuries, do your stretches, take regular breaks, draw with perfect posture, and what happens? You start to experience pain while you draw anyway. Another example of Bad Things happening to Good People. What do you do? Go to the doctor if it's serious, but if it's a minor injury go to your bookshelf and start reading First Aid For Drawing Injuries or, Pain is Your Frenemy!

Finally, the sequel to (NO)PAIN! Injury Prevention for Cartoonists is here! This little tome can be used to help you reduce discomfort until you can see a healthcare professional, or it can provide guidelines for the self-care of mild drawing injuries that don't require medical attention. Explore R.I.C.E. therapy from the perspective of the committed drawer, learn some tips for understanding your pain, avoid making your injury worse, and more!

The benefits and dangers of compression... revealed!
How do you get your mitts on this mini? Come to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival and their Word Balloon Academy May 8-10! 

Not in Toronto? Pick up a copy at Brooklyn's Grand Comics Festival June 6.

Not in Brooklyn? By the end of May you will be able to order a copy through Birdcage Bottom Books. More on that soon.

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