Tuesday, September 9, 2014

SPX 2014!


I can't think of a thing. But I'll have the whole weekend of September 13-14 to think about it, because I will be there tabling with R. Sikoryak at the Small Press Expo.

In my opinion it's one of the best fests on the east coast. I will be selling my injury prevention manual (NO) PAIN!, minis from the Pathology Laffs series, and premiering my latest titled "Zoonosis and Tipsy Nephrologists." It's got a series of cat/human diseases, a zoonosis activity page, gags about drunken medical professionals... and more!

Zoonosis cover. Minutes of fun!

My work will also appear in the new Ninth Art Press anthology, "Subcultures" ...

Here's the cover of Subcultures. You can buy it here.

...AND I've got a new horse poster that I'm not yet revealing online. Come by and check it out!

Our table number is C12A (listed in program under R. Sikoryak).

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