Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Last weekend was The Lost Weekend. Lost to drawing that is! Because of a conversation between friends that I wasn't even in the room for, the Pretty Conan mini comic became a plan and is soon to be reality. I admit I didn't know who Barry Windsor-Smith was until Bob (R. Sikoryak) told me all about this talented artiste. Behold one of three Anatomy of Conan The Barbarian drawings anatomized from the comics by BWS.
Why anatomize Conan? Because it's fun to see how anatomy can fit inside a body drawing in any style. Plus I like the challenge of drawing anatomy in action which is how we usually appreciate it. Notice Conan's tibia vara in the right leg. That shinbone is pretty curvy! 

Yes, Conan gets migraines. You didn't know that? Says who? Me! That's who. They're triggered by many things including all the wine he likes to drink.

This drawing and two others will appear in a mini comic masterminded by Stephen Destephano. Or was it Greg Benton? Or Robbie Busch? Whatever. You can get it when you come to the Society of Illustrator's MoCCA Fest. Bob and I will be tabling. See you there!

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