Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Yes, it's October and yes, July was ... in July, but look what I found in my sketchbook! Sketches (duh) from the July 16-18 Graphic Medicine Conference in Riverside California. There are a lot. In the interest of keeping things moving, I'm only showing a few pages.

 These two pages are from Jared Gardner's inspiring talk the night the conference opened. As with all of these sketches, some of the text is from the speaker and some is me riffing off the presentation. Don't let these pages fool you, Gardner is brilliant.
 I can't remember who was responsible for the presentations represented by these two pages, but you can see I admonish myself to read "Death, Disability, and the Super Hero" by Jose Alaniz and "Chronically Me: Flushing Out My Life And Times With IBS" by Joy Spencer, and more!
 Frank Ramos used Allie Brosh's Hyperbole and a Half to in his presentation about depression. Somehow I was inspired to draw a Wonder Woman costume on a hypodermic while listening to Dr. Stacy Leigh Pigg.
These two pages are from Justin Green-the-cartoonist-not-the-quarterback, one of the keynote speakers. He's a fascinating guy!

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