Saturday, June 14, 2014


Ninth Art Press (i.e. Whit Taylor and Dan Mazur) is publishing an anthology called SUBCULTURES. Guess what it's about?

Happily, my comics will be appearing in the book. Friction is a series of strips touching on the life of massage therapists. Yes I made a pun. And yes, massage therapy and the health sciences all have their own professional and personal subcultures.

An excerpt/preview from Friction.

Why one comes into a profession, where your interests lie within your practice, how much you compartmentalize your professional and private life, your ambitions within your profession, the relationships you make in your area and adjacent areas, how long you've been at your area of interest, etc., etc. all contribute to a world view and behaviors that you share with a group. That's your subculture. 

As you can see from this blog, my very focused interests bleed out all over the place. Just writing this makes me think about a number of subsubcultures I can belong to: body science and medical narrative cartoonists, art/science artists, art/science educators, body science themed needleworkers (this one probably has about 20 people in it in the entire world.) The list goes on.

What happens when a subculture hits a critical mass? They have a convention! I'll be going to the Graphic Medicine Conference in Baltimore at the end of June. More later.
I think Lydia Gregg did this great artwork. I will double check!

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