Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Here are some photos of R. Sikoryak's and my Anatomy for Cartoonists classes at the Society of Illustrators/MoCCA. We have a great group of participants with very different backgrounds in drawing. Over the past few weeks we explored the skeleton, muscles, and weight gain. We'll be wrapping up the class next week with weight loss and aging from birth to death. Why don't you see Bob Sikoryak in any of these photos? Because he took the pictures.

The class emphasized drawing the body from the inside out and layering muscles on a bony framework.

Our model, Wendy Chu, has a lot of patience. Here I am drawing hip and leg muscles onto her skin. 

It's important to carry a spare set of knees at all times. Joan Rivers from Drew Friedman's 
"Old Jewish Comedians" exhibit will come in handy when we start the lesson on aging.

Drawing anatomy is much easier when the model is standing. Once she starts to reposition her joints, 
sitting cross legged for example, there are some big changes to the skeleton

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