Tuesday, January 1, 2013



I am trying to learn French. "Bon chance!" you say. It's hard, and to make things worse, once I learned to say "Il y a..." meaning "There is (there are)," I kept thinking "Il y a ilia!" Ilia are multiple ilium bones, which make up part of the pelvis. Il y a and ilia are pronounced the same way, get it?  This is a funny anatomy pun... at first. 

Ilium is ilium in English or French. But the plural in English is ilia, while the plural in French is ilion. Argh. I made the cartoon anyway. It's turned into the equivalent of an ear-worm and I must exorcise it!

-"Are there any ilia?" 
-"There are two!"

Eh. Not as good. And I can't say that my dialogue is grammatically correct. But at least you get to say "Il y a" while talking about ilia!

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