Monday, September 24, 2012

EEK! A M.I.C.E.!

If you happen to find yourself in Cambridge, MA on September 29, come to The Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo, a.k.a M.I.C.E. I will be there (wo)manning a table, presenting a workshop on injury prevention for cartoonists, and contributing to a panel discussing medical themes in comics, hosted by Cathy Leamy. My illustrious husband R.Sikoryak is the Expo's guest artist! I have heard nothing but great things about last year's MICE, and this one promises to be just as good! 

In the mean time, check out this "medically themed" strip from the Vault of Horror drawn by G. Evans. The gist is that a guy has been consumed by his cancer and turned into a cancer-monster, that goes around town "eating" other people's healthy cells. Oncologically speaking there are problems, to be sure. But with dialogue like, "Bullets won't kill it! Nothing will kill it! Drive it into the cave!" (I swear, that is sometimes how some cancer treatments seems to work.) How can I resist?

See you there!

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