Thursday, May 3, 2012

(NO) PAIN! The mega-mini comic


If my time as a guest teacher at the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction Vermont has taught me anything, it's that drawing pictures inside tiny little panels day after day can cause injury.

This year I've heard story after story about cartoonists being unable to draw for days, weeks, or months due to pain and injury. These stories, the injuries of a few of my students, and the fact that everyone in White River Junction is making comics inspired me to make this mini.

(NO) PAIN! gives the basics of injury prevention targeted specifically to cartoonists. It explains how injuries happen and what injuries commonly affect drawing professionals. 
You can learn what types of symptoms should be diagnosed by a doctor. 
There are simple exercises and routines to help correct posture and reduce pain and fatigue.
Clear, informative, and packed with wholesome corrective goodness, this sixty page mega-minicomic can get you started practicing simple routines that will help take care of your most important drawing instrument --- your body!

Want a copy? You MIGHT be able to find one at Birdcage Bottom Books

Otherwise, you will have to get my HUGE injury prevention book, Draw Stronger.


  1. your book seems like just what i need kriota. While i love to draw sometimes i feel my own wrist starting to feel numb and my fingers getting stiff
    i do my own routine stretches every once in a while and they work pretty well but i need to learn more. Maybe your book may help. Might it be possible for you to send me an envelope with your return address so that i may purchase this book, i'll pay shipping and handling as well. my email address is... not to mention a signed version would be awesome

  2. Picked up a copy of this from you at MICE in September, and just wanted to say, it's a wonderful book! Sending others your way...

  3. Thanks Chris! I'm hoping people notice that it's the perfect size for a stocking stuffer this year. Glad it's helpful!

  4. Hi, this looks brilliant. Can you ship to Australia? I just tried the PayPal gateway but it didn't add any extra postage when I put in my Oz address. Thanks!

    1. Hey Phil, Thanks for the compliment and the interest! I'm swamped today but will figure out the postage thing (thing?) tomorrow. I didn't find an email for you when I clicked on your name. You can contact me at or we can chat here Friday. 'Til soon!