Monday, April 2, 2012


Kriota describes the diaphragm (aka skirt steak)
to Jeremy (drinking beer) as Squid frames the shot.

Created in collaboration with Jeremy Laverdure and David (Squid) Quinn. Presented at Dixon Place Theater as part of BRINK dance/performance series, curated by Kimberly Brandt. January 26-27, 2011, in New York City.

With Anatomy Kitchen I wanted to give the audience the experience of connecting to their own anatomical structures and tissues specifically, and translate that self-awareness into an agent through which to blur the distinction between self and animal. From my perspective, the most direct method for engaging in the melding of human/self and animal/other is through the manipulation of meat/food and human muscle. The performance should encompass the anatomization of animal/meat as food, and conceptual assemblage of human as meat, and therefore as food. I came to this realization one night as I was enjoying a particularly memorable pork shank. Jeremy, Squid and I designed a cooking show incorporating elements of massage, food, cooking, anatomy, and butchery. 

The anatomy of the "shoulder butt." 

Kriota and Jeremy prepare a delicacy made from rib (intercostal muscle),
skirt steak (thoracic diaphragm),and bacon (abdominal obliques and transversus abdominis).

Mmmm... tasty!

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